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Skin Tightening and Fractional Resurfacing System


The Lift-Shape System is a revolutionary clinically proven skin tightening and fractional resurfacing system that instantly improves the appearance of the skin. The invisible radio frequency waves are directed into the deeper layers of the skin causing the collagen to contract giving a firmer, more youthful, lifted look.

The Lift-Shape Radio frequency device is used on the face to:

  • Tighten the skin and give a lifting effect
  • Redefine the jawline and reduce the double chin
  • Elevate the brows The Fractional RF handpiece treats
  • ‘Barcode’ wrinkles around the mouth
  • Lines and wrinkles in the eye area
  • The larger handpieces reduce localised fat and firm the skin in the
  • Arm areas including ‘bingo wings’
  • Upper and lower abdomen
  • Hip area and ‘love handles’
  • Knee
  • Buttocks and ‘saddle bags’
  • Stretch marks, scars and cellulite can also be treated with the Lift-Shape Radio Frequency.

Multiple safety features protect the skin from overheating: Dynamic switching of polarity through four poles Sensors preventing incorrect handpiece movement Temperature sensors to ensure safe effective temperature rises Four separate handpieces are available for the Lift-Shape device.

  • Small handpiece for use on the face and small body areas
  • Medium sized handpiece for small body areas such as the arms and knees
  • Large handpiece with two sets of four poles for large body areas
  • Fractional RF handpiece for surface skin issues such as wrinkles and scars

The Novastetyc Lift-Shape system utilises Dynamic Quadripolar Radio Frequency a new concept of constantly changing radio frequency delivered through four poles with one pole being positive and the other three negative. Patented software automatically changes which of the poles is positive and allows for the optimal penetration of radio frequency energy into the tissue, focusing it in the areas of interest to ensure results.


Immediate tightening and lift with one treatment.

A Course of 6 treatments are recommended one month apart.

Cost £170 per session

Buy 5 and get the 6th treatment free

Maintenance of the lifting effect every 3-6 months £170


This is an enjoyable pain free procedure with no down time.

Can have a treatment for a special occasion as the lifting effect will last for a few days even after one session.
The duration of the lifting and tightening effect lasts longer after subsequent treatments as your skin cells are producing healthier Collagen.



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