New Plexr from InfusionGT

Nominated for the most innovative procedure of the year.


Following your treatment with Plexr, for best results:

  • dot If you have undergone Plexr tightening of eyelid skin (blepharoplasty) a cold compress consisting of ice and water mixed together in a clean, flexible, water-tight container can be applied intermittently for the first 48 hours. This helps to reduce swelling. Do not apply solid ice as this will freeze and damage human tissue.
  • dot For all treated areas do not apply adhesive plasters to, or cover, the treated skin. Removal of such items may also inadvertently remove healing skin cells and thereby slow down recovery.
  • dot Do not apply any solution containing alcohol to the area. Clean as necessary using water. If soap is needed use only non-perfumed, non-coloured soap such as Simple Soap.
  • dot Tiny crusts will form on the skin of the treated area. DO NOT remove these. They will fall off at between 7 and 20 days post-treatment.
  • dot Avoid applying moisturizers until the crusts have fallen since moisture will over-soften the crusts.
  • dot Until the crusts fall off and any redness has disappeared apply foundation makeup at ALL times to protect the treated area from any type of light including sunlight, indoor lighting or even computer screens. We recommend only Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation.
  • dot When the crusts have fallen you can begin to apply a moisturizer beneath foundation makeup. We recommend Oxygenetix Face Moisturizer.
  • dot Apply Oxygenetix and avoid tanning of the treated area until the skin returns at normal tone. Failure to do this may induce pigment changes (darkening or lightening) of the treated skin.

More than 1 treatment may be required to achieve best results dependent upon the degree of skin laxity present before the start of treatment. Subsequent sessions should not take place until the skin has fully healed and not until at least four weeks after the previous session.

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