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Dermal Fillers

Facial Fillers

What is a Facial Filler? Is it For You?

Dermal fillers is a term that covers a wide range of products used to restore volume and improve the structure of the face. Dermal fillers work to replace volume lost during the ageing process and give lift and structure to the face. Dr Warner uses HA (hyaluronic acid ) fillers. This is a natural ingredient that is found in the body but reduces as we age. Dr Warner has a natural, structural approach to dermal filler treatments. Aimed at rejuvenation and restoration of facial structure from the ageing process delivering natural and a rejuvenated result. Different fillers are used for different parts of the face and last between 6- 18 months depending on the site and filler used.

If your skin has lost fullness, has deep wrinkles, lines or scars then a facial filler may be the perfect solution. This is especially successful around the nose and mouth and plumps up cheeks and lips.

Dr Warner will carefully select the correct dermal filler for you. This will vary according to skin type, age and desired outcome.  Also read about people’s real stories of people who have had Dermal Fillers (Click here).

Dr Warner always chooses a new generation of hyaluronic acid filler with cross linked technology. This is a natural, biodegradable gel that plumps out lines and reproduces facial fullness. You instantly look more youthful and radiant.





What can be treated?

  • Smooth out frown lines
  • Nasolabial (nose to mouth lines)
  • Marionette (corners of the mouth)
  • Cheek Volume
  • Lip enhancement
  • Vertical Lip Lines
  • Depressions from scars and acne marks

What does it involve?

  • Procedure time 30-60 minutes, injection of a Hyaluronic Acid gel.
  • Dr Warner can use a topical anaesthetic cream if required. However, this is not necessary as the procedure is generally well tolerated (This takes an additional 20 mins).
  • Immediately visible results with further improvement over the following few weeks.

Look Amazing. Feel Great. Be Your Best You.

Contact me today to discuss your requirements with me. I will help you get back the look of a younger face without surgery.

What Our Clients Say

“I have received treatments from Alison on three occasions now. I can highly recommend her skill and knowledge in all areas of her practice. She is reassuring and professional in her approach and delivery. The results are outstanding and provide a noticeable improvement with a very natural and pleasing result. I can highly recommend her professional and welcoming environment to anyone considering her treatments.”

Lorraine Elizabeth Willmore October 10, 2021

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