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Fat Loss and Body Contouring

Welcome to Skin Solutions Oxford & 3D Lipo Ultimate Pro!

UltimatePro is the latest system from 3D Lipo, the award winning fat loss and body contouring system in the UK.

Within our clinic, UltimatePro will be your partner in achieving the results you wish for, be that fat reduction, skin tightening or cellulite treatments.

Used by many famous people, these treatments can greatly enhance your dedicated body makeover, helping, in a matter of weeks, to transform you, both physically and mentally.

Many of our patients have questions regarding their treatment and we have decided to put together this useful little handout.

So who’s it for?

Well, everyone who wishes to lose that fat area or who wishes to have their skin tightened! All the procedures are non-surgical, require minimal time and can achieve GREAT results.

  • We want you to get the maximum out of your course of treatments:
  • We recommend a low calorie diet with protein in each meal – avoid fatty food where possible as your body will try and store it to make up the losses!
  • Drink at least a glass of warm water (straight, not fizzy) before and after the session. We will organise this.
  • Drinking plenty of water and having brisk exercise such as a brisk walk or any other aerobic activity for at least 3 days after the treatment (not the whole 3 days!). This stimulates lymphatic activity as elimination of the fat continues through the lymphatic system for 72 hours.
  • For cavitation, we recommend a high hydration diet for 48 hours before; this is not necessary but helps. Try to avoid coffee or diuretics for at least 24 hours before the treatment.
  • Lymph draining Shockwave treatment is also encouraged; this improves the drainage of the fluids.
  • For best results, avoid alcohol for 48 hours post treatment!! Consumption during this period may prevent your liver from removing the deactivated fats from your body as your liver will assign priority to removing the alcohol from your blood.
  • You are investing a lot of money into looking good; help the treatments (and your body) by investing in a healthier lifestyle.

Look Amazing. Feel Great. Be Your Best You.

Contact me today to discuss your requirements with me. I will help you get back the look of a younger face without surgery.

What Our Clients Say

“I have received treatments from Alison on three occasions now. I can highly recommend her skill and knowledge in all areas of her practice. She is reassuring and professional in her approach and delivery. The results are outstanding and provide a noticeable improvement with a very natural and pleasing result. I can highly recommend her professional and welcoming environment to anyone considering her treatments.”

Lorraine Elizabeth Willmore October 10, 2021

Skin Solutions Oxford

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