At Skin Solutions we are continuously searching for the best corrective skincare product ranges on the world market, and strive to make these available for sale to our clients, as well as to use them in our professional treatments. It is important to understand the difference between medical aesthetic/cosmeceutic products and the typical high street skincare ranges. Cosmeceutics, as the term implies, are cosmetic products produced to pharmaceutical standards but are not classified as medication because they are made of natural ingredients which cannot be patented and do not require such strict controls. Money is spent on research and quality ingredients, which allows for some powerful and highly effective formulations, without dangerous side effects, to be made available through skincare professionals who are thoroughly trained in their use – as opposed to the expensively marketed “miracle in a jar” formulations available from the shops, that are really simple, old-fashioned moisturisers in expensive packaging, or cheap ingredients that work against the skin to achieve superficial results.

Cutting-edge skincare technology, based on sound skin science principles, is a crucial element in our quest to empower men and women of all ages to gain and maintain a healthyyouthful skin for life. We believe that an individually tailored home skincare regime, using state-of-the-art cosmeceutic products and excellent sun protection, combined with the appropriate professional skincare treatments and optimum nutrition, is the only way to achieve this.  Therefore we do not sell products to the general public on-line.

We currently stock the following skincare product lines:


Review: Alison is an excellent practitioner, so knowledgeable and helpful, with a lovely manner. It is particularly reassuring that she is also a doctor so truly understands her products and treatments. She has some wonderful ones available. She always consults and explains everything very thoroughly, and she never pushes a product or treatment. Highly recommended.

BM, Oxford


I went to Alison 2 years ago with very bad skin. She developed a skin regime for me and I quickly saw the results. Now my skin is better than it has ever been and really boosted my confidence. I trust Alison’s judgement as she has a real passion to improve people’s skin rather than sell you products that you may not need.’

(Kirsty, Windsor)