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OptimalHealth-1Super Ingredient Lunasin

Lunasin is an ideal example of a dietary ingredient that supports various cell types. Researchers continue to discover new benefits of lunasin resulting from its observable epigenetic mechanisms of action. Study after study has identified this naturally occurring soy peptide’s ability to promote cellular health. Specific benefits include heart health, antioxidant effects, improved immunity and anti-inflammatory properties. Together, these benefits translate into a comprehensive health formula:

wellness + vitality + energy = Super You!

How can a single dietary compound do so much? Look no further than lunasin’s anti-inflammatory benefits as an example. Researchers have established that lunasin is a potent inhibitor of the master inflammatory protein NF-ĸ-β. Because NF-ĸ-β is found in almost all human cell types (blood, skin, organ, muscle, neurons, etc.), it plays a key role in regulating the inflammatory response associated with many health conditions and the aging process in general.

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