CosMedix/Results RX Chirally Correct Skincare – These two product ranges are formulated by Medicobeauty, CosMedix.  Results RX is their newer range, formulated as a prescriptive range for aesthetic doctors, offering the highest concentrations of actives as well as Nobel-Prize Winning Organic Transport mechanisms into the skin.  “Most skincare products use ingredients that don’t fit properly on the skin’s receptors, and therefore cause irritation and other harmful side effects. Using these chemical impurities is like trying to put a right-handed glove on your left hand, it simply doesn’t work.  CosMedix and Results RX products fit because they are chirally correct. They are purified, more concentrated, more effective and less irritating than any other product available today. The FDA has mandated that all drugs should be chirally corrected. Similarly, chirality is the future of effective skincare.”

Dr Ben Johnson M.D.

Founder and President of Cosmedix

At Skin Solutions we have never found better anti-acne home treatments than those in the CosMedix range.  CosMedix and Results RX together offer the most comprehensive and affective choice of retinol strengths available in their famous AGP Complex format.  Results RX products are ideal for the more mature, sun damaged skin.