Accreditations/Patient Charter

Save Face non-surgical  patient charter

Save face, as part of our accreditation process, undertakes to ensure the providers accredited by us meet the terms of our Patient Charter.¬† If you feel the provider has failed to comply with this charter, you may contact SaveFace for us to review their accreditation and take any necessary action. Know your rights…


  • dotIs who they say they are
  • dotThe qualifications they claim are genuine and relevant
  • dotThe training they have received is appropriate
  • dotIs insured
  • dotIs registered with a statutory body
  • dotUndertakes regular training updates



  • dotComplies with Health and Safety Legislation
  • dotIs clean
  • dotHas the necessary equipment and facilities to provide the treatments safely



  • dotAre genuine
  • dotAre appropriately licensed
  • dotAre evidence based
  • dotAre sourced from legitimate suppliers
  • dotAre appropriately stored and maintained

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